Compassionate Cat Care Credo

A Cat Guru’s commitment to excellence is demonstrated by honoring the sentient nature of cats. The constant intention and practice of kindness in thought and action enables the greatest success. A true Cat Guru strives to provide nothing less. Are you a Cat Guru?


  • As advocates for kindness toward cats, we promote the philosophy of compassionate care for all cats in every situation with the utmost appreciation of their temperaments. 

  • As compassionate cat groomers, we are respectful of every cat’s emotional, mental, and physical needs. We understand a well-regarded cat is a more cooperative partner. 

  • As cat care providers, we are thoughtful regarding handling, being gentle in our touch and careful to avoid undue or unnecessary restraint. 

  • As cat lovers, we celebrate the uniqueness of every cat we meet and enthusiastically relay our perception of their experiences while in our care to their human companions. 

  • As educators about cats, we share our experiences with others in the spirit of encouraging a greater appreciation for all cats and their special needs while maintaining respect for the personal choices of others.

  • As pet professionals, we understand our role in the care of our feline friends is limited. We promptly refer clients to appropriate specialists as needed or upon request.

  • We place the highest value on our responsibility for the well-being of the cats in our care. We promise to uphold these standards to the best of our ability at all times.

~ TCGS Cat Gurus