About TCGS

Cats Rule Our World

The TCGS message is focused on compassionate care for cats. Our philosophy embodies thoughtful handling mixed with genuine respect and love. We offer professional cat groomers comprehensive guidance for low-stress, positive grooming experiences through classes, live handling & grooming demonstrations, instruction, video reviews, and collaborative discussions.

The TCGS grooming style demonstrates the utmost concern for the cat’s well-being, both physically and mentally. By focusing on the environment, choice of tools and products, client education, and working together with the cat’s best interest in mind, we are able to successfully create and nurture a bond of mutual trust and understanding. That is the foundation for our teachings.

Our experience as holistic cat groomers and passion for helping other groomers learn best practices inspires us. We are committed to sharing proven, comprehensive techniques for the highest quality groom results. We encourage every cat groomer to view the world through the cat’s eyes while providing kind, safe care. 

We believe in the powerful benefits of a holistic approach that considers the mind, body, and spirit of our feline friends. The skills needed are attainable and the results are undeniable. Join us to learn more.

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