TCGS Groom Review™

Are you looking for case-specific advice rather than just general cat grooming tips? Now you’ve got it!

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Your grooming style is unique. We want to help you succeed. Introducing our peer review program, TCGS Groom Review™, inspired by a first-time TCGS student. Here’s her story and how it all came together.
Cathy Simon took The Cat Grooming Symposium to a whole new level during Event II when she joined us in Northern California. During our traditional Roundtable Discussion she asked for some advice about handling a high anxiety cat with extreme fearful aggression. But she didn’t just ask for general tips, she brought along a video recording of an actual groom session. Genius!

Now we could all really and truly see what was happening from a fantastic point of view – as observers, witnesses to actual events rather than just a single interpretation. And of course, there were many unique assessments and insights from everyone there.

Cathy was incredibly open and eagerly accepted the various recommendations. The words of encouragement and recognition for all of the right things she was already doing kept in sync with the positive energy of the entire weekend.

One of the simple, yet highly effective tips suggested: offer treats to the cat before, during, and after the groom to build trust. Several attendees said they did this with dogs, but hadn’t considered it with cats. Believe us, it works with many cats. Ask your client what preferences their cats have including flavor and texture. Or have your clients provide some treats they know are irresistible.

In the spirit of Cathy’s ambition for improvement, we encourages our students to submit their videos for inclusion in our Roundtable Discussion as part of the TCGS Groom Review™ at our events. Bring your discs or email your file(s) at least one week in advance of the event you’ll be attending. You can also post your video clips here on our facebook page for review.

For those wanting a little more privacy, feel free to send your videos to us via email with the subject line “Private Review” and the Cat Gurus will respond with personal insight. If the file is too large to email, you can upload it to Dropbox or other online cloud service and send us the link.

We’re super excited to host TCGS Groom Review™. Thank you for trusting us and for wanting to do everything you can for your groom kitties.